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Our Mission

Medical Spa Treatments That Go Beyond Skin Deep

Most medical spas aren’t led by doctors so they fail to connect the dots and provide comprehensive care.

Prime MediSpa is a holistic beauty and wellness practice led by Dr. Michael Taweh. With 20+ years of experience, he and his team are dedicated to providing personalized treatments that go beyond skin deep.

Whether it’s for beauty, wellness, weight loss or men’s health, Prime MediSpa is a one-stop-shop for looking and feeling your best.

Medical Spa

Medical Aesthetics

With our wide variety of beauty treatments, you can rejuvenate your face and body to reverse the effects of aging and look your best.

IV Infusions & Injectables

Improve your memory, boost immunity and reduce fatigue with our specially formulated wellness treatments.

Weight Loss Clinic

We understand the struggle of managing weight and the severe impact it can have on your health. Get help today with our weight loss treatments.

Men's Health Clinic

As we age, men need to target specific concerns with their health that we approach holistically with our beauty, wellness and weight loss treatments.

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